POM Architects is a Stockholm-based architecture and planning studio. Since 2003, Jan Perrin has, through various collaborations, created award-winning and acclaimed architecture and design.

The studio is driven by the idea of a more open creative process which brings clients closer to design decisions through concept visualizations during all phases of the project, from the first briefing to the built structure.
No design is also design, as long it conquers the mission.

Jan Perrin was educated at KTH Stockholm and Aalto University in Espoo/ Helsinki.
Lamia Ahmed has studied at BUET Bangladesh and KTH Stockholm.


Maria Bangata 6
116 29 Stockholm
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Jan Perrin
Co–Founder / CTO
Arkitekt SAR / MSA
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Lamia Ahmed
Medverkande Arkitekt
Arkitekt MSA och samhällsplanerare
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Creativity induces the possibility to see beyond limitations. For us, architecture is the sum of our clients ambition, the given conditions and our ability to design and add value.
Every project begins with a unique idea, grounded on initial analytical investigations. The client, through objectives and a budget, sets the overall framework for the project. Based on the existing and created context, we collect information and inspiration to develop concepts.
The development of each project idea creates the conditions for a sustainable concept, with strategies for implementation, craftsmanship and construction


Well-designed construction details that are skillfully carried out add value and contribute to the overall experience. Our work builds upon a long experience of craftsmanship which is firmly grounded in European building traditions, where the wood in particular, along with other sustainable materials, provide inspiration and reveal new technical possibilities.   We have a great deal of respect and understanding for our colleagues in other craft-based disciplines. A successful project is always built upon collaboration, where a shared ambition yields quality details and innovative solutions.


Our process always begins with the specific qualities the site has to offer.   The site and landscape is the context we operate within, and our greatest source of inspiration for our design process.   In order to create added value, it’s just as important to read the variations in nature, vegetation and topography as it is to analyse the opportunities offered by the urban grid.   Scale, socio-economic factors and behaviour all contribute further to the processing of design decisions. Read more about our think tank LABLAB, where we explore the countrysides.

Building entails several processes which contribute to a strain on our collective resources. The production and use of material, transport, land-use and energy are part of processes that require knowledge about how to use the most sparingly and efectively.
Every project is a unique opportunity to improve the surroundings and enhance the userexperience, where inputs are optimised to achieve a more sustainable outcome.
Working with life cycle analysis (LCA) gives our clients an honest and reliable basis for decisions at every stage of the construction process.
We collaborate with leading companies and institutes, from SLU in Alnarp to Transolar in Stuttgart. If you would like to know more about how we can best help you in your project, contact our LCA Coordinator, Jan Perrin.


A project budget can be as much a constraint as an opportunity. The limitation lies in a lack of knowledge for the client’s business and a disregard for the elements that add value over time. The opportunity lies in valuing what is important and pursuing a common goal.
    We help our clients develop a strong foundation for investment decisions throughout all stages of the building process, from development feasibility studies to evaluation of building systems. Making the right financial decision at the right time is critical.