Project: Castella
Size: 900 sqm
Program:  Headoffice for building company
Location:  Järfälla
Status: Finished
Photographer: Åke Lindman
Category:  Offices
The headquarters of the construction firm Castella is located in an industrial area in Järfälla. A rough environment next to a motorway. Despite a limited budget, the aim was to create a project with some of the qualities of a large private house. A homey feel.

The office has no corridors. Instead, it has a central social square with sofas and dining and meeting tables. The workspaces, which are placed along the facade, around the central square, are separated from the square with glass partitions. This solution makes it easy to take part in the flow and daily events in the workplace.

To give the office building a decorated exterior, the ground-floor level is slightly corbelled, creating a horizontal profile. The large window panels, which are all the same size, are highlighted with prominent frames. Variation is achieved by displacing the windows horizontally, which provides a rich and varied influx of daylight.