Project: Siblings
Size: 180 + 160 sqm
Program:  2 Villas
Location:  Heidelberg
Status: Finished
Photographer: Anke Müllerklein
Category:  Housing
The idea was to create sibling houses: two houses that had many properties in common yet still maintained their distinct and individual spatial identities. The same DNA, yet not identical.

They share a common construction method. Both have a central concrete wall that was poured on site. Otherwise, the houses have a solid timber frame, including the floor structure, the roof and exterior and interior walls.

The construction uses a free geometry in order to meet the need for sheltered outdoor spaces and privacy. The rooms are an extension of this free geometrical approach. Grotto-like. Seemingly spontaneously emerged. The most unique feature is the open quality of the family rooms. It is not possible to overlook the entire room from any single point. The ceiling height varies, and the room branches out in several directions.

It was a goal to minimize the finish. To allow the materials to appear with a rough expression. The interiors feature unfinished wood, as is the central concrete wall. The exterior is clad in unfinished larch panelling.