Project: Toppstugan
Program: Restaurant
Location:  Härjedalen
Status: Proposition
Category:  Hotel
For a decade, there has been a major, ongoing effort to establish Funäsdalen as a main ski resort in Härjedalen. The lift system has been improved, many new beds are planned, and a gondola lift has been installed that goes from the village to the top of the mountain. The new Toppstugan is the next step in this development. A summit restaurant with a capacity for 300 guests.

The mountain itself, Funäsdalsberget, towers steeply above the community below. The restaurant was designed as an extension of the natural setting. Like a cluster of rocks. The individual volumes of the restaurant will be clad with different vertical wood panels in shades of brown and grey that relate to the surrounding rocks.

The restaurant building is also adapted to the architectural history of Härjedalen that all new buildings are required to relate to, according to the design guidelines. Instead of big dominant building volumes, the guidelines call for breaking the programme up into several smaller volumes and a toned-down colour scale.

It is often windy at the top of the mountain. Breaking the structure down into smaller volumes also makes room for terraces in the sheltered spaces in between.